Animation Industry And It’s Impact 

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Animation Industry And It’s Impact 

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The animation is an art form to be treated as though on the same level as other artistic categories such as Film and Paintings in terms of creativity, and in fact is a combination of the two. The animation follows many the same principles and contains similar characteristics of the film. However, it provides an easier means of creative expression in terms of an attached cost of production that a film may have.

Animation has always occupied a special space in the hearts and minds of those that have consumed the media by making it possible to bring life. It is because of the spectacle of seeing what, otherwise wouldn’t be possible that makes animation so magical, and the almost magical effects that can be achieved through animation has captivated the minds of many throughout history and its many different forms.

Animation has had various uses over the past, as it reached various nations with many different cultural practices and societies. All of these influences are typically portrayed through animation, and the medium has found the use of promoting hype, rallying support for political causes, advertising. Animation has its applications in many different fields and has been utilized in order to spice up dull websites and videos which people would ordinarily not pay attention to and bring to portray concepts which cannot be witnessed through realistic.

Despite the many problems, improvements, and failures of the animation industry, Animation still now plays an even larger role in our culture thanks to these technological advancements. The websites that many users now uses Flash animations and animated effects to grab our attention with advertisements and videos.

Digital animation, art communities online dedicated to the practice have bound and blossomed showing just how influential animation has been in the minds of creators and viewers. The animation is an integral part of society, and it’s seemingly magical hold on the human mind will forever captivate and excite the imagination with new possibilities.


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